Turlutes du bon vieux temps.

Interactive and immersive show


Client  Musée de la Gaspésie
Date  2018

Dive into La Bolduc’s memories and discover the striking moments of her life as if you were there!

“Turlutes du bon vieux temps” is an immersive and interactive show highlighting a variety of significant events of the La Bolduc’s story while bringing the spectators into the Gaspésie of the 30’s. From a typical evening reception to her first performance at the National Monument, “Turlutes du bon vieux temps” invites visitors to cross the everyday and exceptional life of La Bolduc.

At the exhibition room’s entrance visitors can already enjoy a contemporary version of a typical Madame Bolduc’s song. They soon discover that they are to activate spotlights by stepping on giant circles across the environment. Anyone standing on these circles reveals a new voice added to the musical ambiance. The more people are interacting, the more the ambiance is festive and full of beautiful turluting voices.

The action begins on 360º while volumetric projections presents motion graphics and archives on a 1930 Ford, kitchen furniture as well as a living room of time. Besides traveling through this unique universe, the spectators are brought to interact with the environment to understand the parallel between the historical context and madam Bolduc’s songs and lyrics.

The artistic and scenographic intention of the immersive show is to display the contrast between the musical’ lightness and the lyrics of La Bolduc reflecting, in a rather frank way, the reality of time. That is why we propose a journey in Madame Bolduc’s memories which will inevitably be tinged by her humor which led her to this unforeseen success.


Producer Gabrielle Sigmen Mercier
Creation Director Alexandre Dagenais
Artistic Director Anne Lagacé
Interactive Programmer Marc Lamontagne
Electronic Programmer Mathieu Gagnon-Lamarre
Sound Concepter and voices Jean-François Primeau,
Writer Mathieu Dufour
Narration Louis-Philippe Beaulac
Voices Victoria Malenfant
Voices Arthur Nault
Voices Jeanne-Mance Nault
Voices Laurence Moller

In collaboration with:

HUB Studio
Technical Director Gonzalo Soldi
Integration Hugues Caillères

Animation – Motion design Mathieu Harrisson
Animation – Motion Design Fabrice Fenoy
Producer Genevieve Morin

La Salle des Machines
Sound recording Simon Gauthier

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