Interactive Installation


Client  City of Montreal
Date  2020

An original concept imagined by La boîte interactive and interpreted by Montreal-based artist Sacha Pérez del Solar.
Old Orchard road trip cancelled? Parks inundated with people? Dancefloors closed across the province? No worries! Les Sanfaçon decided to make the most out of Fall by playing tourists in their own city. Jokers at heart, a bit reckless and very joyful, these characters have decided to set foot in their favourite place: in the heart of their neighbourhood!

These six interactive characters create together a lively and dynamic path to explore. As passersby get close to a Sanfaçon, they trigger a series of light and sound effects that are unique to each character. Surprising and funny effects which give life to this colourful family who decided to kickstart its journey in the parc de l’Ukraine in the heart of Montreal.

The project is part of the Safe active transportation circuits’ cultural program, financed through the Entente sur le développement culturel de Montreal and the Entente Réflexe Montréal agreements, made by the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec.


Artistic Director Anne Lagacé
Production Director Gabrielle Sigmen Mercier
Technology Director Alexandre Dagenais
Producer Rémi Adam-Richer
Interactive Designer Sarah Libersan
Interactive Programmer Nicolas Paré
Production Manager Jade Chiasson
Designer and Visual Programmer Charles-Éric Gandubert

Visual Artist: Sacha Pérez del Solar
Sound Designer Mattis Rodrigue
Fabrication Accordex



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