Interactive Scenography


Client  Kruger
Date  2017

On October 27th, 2017, Kruger officially dedicated Paper Machine No. 10 (PM10), which was completely rebuilt to manufacture 100% lightweight and high-strength linerboard at its Trois-Rivières Mill. Several dignitaries and project partners were present. 

A giant wall of linerboard rolls makes the perfect backdrop covered with a huge ribbon displaying different visual effects. The Kruger logo is perfectly represented being part of the structure on the wall. To make it even more meaningful, the ceremony is officialised with an inaugural gesture: two cardboard triangles are installed to fill the Kruger logo as if they were the final pieces of the machine. Once the pieces of the logo are placed, sound effects are triggered, the luminous atmosphere is activated and all the images projected in the columns of the structure come to life, fade, then recompose themselves to reveal a panorama of the machine in operation. The machine is officially running thanks to the Kruger team.


Productor  Gabrielle Sigmen Mercier
Creation Director  Alexandre Dagenais
Artistic Director  Anne Lagacé
Production Assistant  Mireille Magnan-Lauzon

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