Oracle, the chest of your destiny.

Interactive Experience


Client  Lumifest
Date  2017

Mysteriously fallen from the sky, the ORACLE chest is made available to night owls who want to discover the true face of their destiny. The curious person who dares to open the chest releases the light and the chants of the divine choir of revelation. He must approach the premonitory artwork placed inside it. The odyssey begins …

« Oracle paints your destiny.
Cross the ages to reveal yours.  »

The clouds unveil a masterpiece worthy of the great master painters of the past. ORACLE transposes the face of the interactor to that of the protagonists of the painting. Their expression is then controlled by the facial expressions of the participant. It is by analyzing the gestures that ORACLE chooses the omen of its future.

His curiosity satisfied and now a prophecy to make him reflect on his future, the night owl will continue his way. Will the omen become reality? Only the brave will know the mystery …


Productor  Gabrielle Sigmen Mercier
Creation Director  Alexandre Dagenais
Artistic Director  Anne Lagacé
Soud System Programmer  Mireille Magnan-Lauzon
Sound Composer  Olivier Allard

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