“Very creative! I don’t know if I could have had this idea on my own. It’s not just anyone who does good poetry.”

Vladimir, 12 years old

“I loved the activity : drawing,  seeing the patterns, looking into the bird houses. I also agree with the text in the house 05.”

Adélaïde, 9 years old

“I never imagined such a way to bring poetry to the child. It suddenly becomes concrete.”

Anne-Marie, 39 years old
Esteban 6 years old’s, mother

La rue des poètes

An inspiring artistic installation and digital interactive activities await in La rue des poètes, a unique experience for the whole family where poetry showcases its beauty in an fun and uncommon way.

An intriguing tree structure with bird houses encourages all family members to look into those tiny houses. Each one of them invites the user to visit a landing page and to use their phone in a specific way, to then insert it in the bird house through a small compartment. Once the phone is inside, a poetic scene will start unraveling, combining scenography, user interactions and media.


La rue des poètes is an original concept by La boîte interactive for Le festival de la poésie de Montréal.


Artistic Direction
Anne Lagacé

Executive producer
Gabrielle S. Mercier  

Sarah Libersan
Charles-Éric Gandubert

Web programmation
Skynet technologies

Project management
Jade Chiasson
Rémi Adam-Richer