Immersive and interactive circuit


Client  Festival KWE! Meet with Indigenous People
Date  2019

Make way for an open space where visitors are immersed in a mysterious forest. A mysterious forest where they can see 11 impressive tree trunks, but most importantly, hear gentle whispers and sounds inspired by nature. In the middle of the room: the forest’s core, an enigmatic structure made from wooden panels and enhanced with inlayed lights.

Each tree of this forest represents one the 11 official indigenous languages of Quebec: every tree is identified with the language it represents and is accompanied with an informative text. Every language is also associated to a unique colour, making it easier for the visitor to identify each one of them. The second a person approaches one of the trees, they are met with a soft, gentle whisper in the indigenous language it is associated with.

After getting to know each language, visitors are invited to walk towards the centre of the room, near the core structure. On-site signage on the structure invites visitors to come inside one of its three compartments. Only special light effects can make people see this special signage, as well as an engaging and inviting message on one of the panels. Once inside the intimate setting, an integrated interactive device invites visitors to select one of the 11 native languages by turning an imposing piece of wood placed in front of them. A voice then starts reading the engaging message in the selected language. Graphic elements also come to life by showcasing forest-related videos on the walls. Every time a person selects a new language, the special light effect changes its colour to adopt the one associated with the selected language.

Visitors are therefore immersed in the Whispering Forest to discover the richness and vitality of the native languages spoken in Quebec, but also to better understand its numerous nuances.


Artistic Director Anne Lagacé
Production Director Gabrielle Sigmen Mercier
Technology Director Alexandre Dagenais
Producer Rémi Adam-Richer
Interactive Designer Sarah Libersan
Interactive Programmer Nicolas Paré
Interactive Programmer Marc Lamontagne
Environmental Design Justine Plante
Graphic Design Frédérique Pelletier-Morin
Sound Recording Audio Z
Fabrication Atelier Laboutique


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