CollEge OF MontrEal’ sorting hat.

Interactive installation


Client  Agence Brad
Date  2018

A unique sorting hat helps prospective students choose from the various programs offered at the Collège de Montréal. When the sorting hat is placed on the head of a child, it’s spirit comes to life on the mirror in front of him!

As soon as the student arrives, the magic happens: a mouth appears in the mirror opposite the student’s forehead giving life to the hat. The experience begins. Microphone in hand, the student is actively involved in a discussion that could really change his life. The animated mouth responds in real time through a camera system and facial recognition that captures the movements of a pedagogical animator well installed in the studio.

Position tracking technologies allow us to display the hat’s mouth through the mirror in the right place depending on the student’s point of view. Several positions, angle and tracking sensors are used to make the experience unique and personal.


Productor  Gabrielle Sigmen Mercier
Creative Director  Alexandre Dagenais
Artistic Director  Anne Lagacé
Interactive Programmer  Marc Lamontagne
Animation  Laurence Lagacé
Documentation  Dominik Mastrianni

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