C2 MontrEal.

Interactive Scenography


Client  HUB studio
Date  2018

The Aquarium space of the famous business and creativity event, C2 Montréal, offers its participants a resting place to listen to the live broadcasts of the conferences in a warm, colorful, captivating and summery atmosphere.

On the lounge’s walls slowly scroll huge colored blobs. When they meet, the collision zones become instantly bubbling with animations and reveal trendy patterns.
The most popular words associated with the hashtag of the event are displayed to create typographic animations consistent with what is happening in real time.

The Twitter publications linked to the conference are aesthetically displayed on the different surfaces and strategically occupy the zones according to their size.
On the Aquarium, the interview schedule is displayed in turn and special interest messages are scrolled as needed.


Productor  Gabrielle S. Mercier

Creative Director  Alexandre Dagenais

Artistic Director  Anne Lagacé


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