Interactive lighting system


Client Gentilhomme
Date 2017

La Boîte Interactive designed the interactive stage lighting to make each performance unique and give more flexibility to the artists on stage.

The mission includes the development of an audio-react system to interpret the lights in real time, the creation of graphic animations on structural LED lighting, the design of automated systems for cueing and stage interpretation, development of the main creation tool and control interface.


Multimedia Designer Thibaut Duverneix
Director Mathieu Babin
Creative Producer Marie-Lou Bouchard
Creative Coder – Epix Designer Alexandre Dagenais
Creative Coder Fred Trétout
Creative Coder Daniel Iregui
Executive Producer Nicolas Comeau
Editors Akim Gagnon/Thibaut Duverneix
Technical Design Olivier Gagnon/20k
Technical Design Nicolas Gendron


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