Rogers Cup.

Interactive Experience


Client Vibrant Marketing
Date 2018

La Boîte Interactive developed the National Bank’s technological experience activation for their Rogers Cup booth in Toronto and Montréal.

As soon as visitors arrive on site, they get to play to a speed observation game. They interact through the branded station’s touch interface and receive a reward coupon that guides them to the National Bank experience booth.

There, participants are invited to play at an agility competition. Their goal is to get the highest score by throwing a ball on the tennis racquet shaped targets that moves on the giant screens. Our motion detection technologies allow us to analyze the player’s accuracy. Attendance prizes are given according to the performance.

The engagement created by this interactive journey increases the reputation of the institution through the experience on the site and through social media sharing.


Productor Gabrielle S. Mercier
Creative Director Alexandre Dagenais
Artistic Director Anne Lagacé
Interactive Programmer Marc Latendresse
Documentation Nicolas Dupont
Technical assistance Laurence Lagacé

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