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La Boîte Interactive is a studio specialized in designing and producing interactive technological experiences. Combining technical expertise, innovation, and creativity, our multidisciplinary team offers exceptional interactive solutions. With our personalized approach and a particular attention to aesthetics, we help companies provide exceptional user experiences to their customers, employees, and communities.

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Our expertise helps us give you the best service by providing solutions and answers to your questions and concerns. This service also allows us to examine different multimedia project scenarios through our feasibility assessments.

Specialized training

Unique concept creation

Project management


Experiential marketing seeks to directly involve your audience in promotional spaces. This non-intrusive approach encourages participation in an enriching experience while helping you inform your target audience on your products and services.

Interactive furniture

Interactive walls

Animated activity interface


Interactivity and technological art showcase different spaces by creating an extraordinary setting. From architectural projections to custom museum interfaces, we offer a wide range of services adapted to your environment and needs.

Immersive installations

Real-time performances

Video mapping



Choose what to share: photos, videos, sponsors, countdowns, contests, special offers and more!


Take advantage of real-time time to ask questions directly to your audience and benefit from the pre-programmed display of one-time content.


Encourage the public to get involved in your event news on social networks and take advantage of the hype created around a collective experience.


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